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Hero Siege: How to Get to Astral Encampment?

Technically, Hero Siege consists of seven acts, but many players noticed they are unable to proceed into the game’s finale.




Hero Siege consists of a pretty simple gameplay loop – traverse the area, get to the boss and use the portal at the end to travel to the next act.

But after finishing act VI, you might realize that the portal at the end sends you back to the starting location, the Town of Inoya. So, how can you get to the Astral Encampment, the first location of the seventh act?

How to Get to Astral Encampment in Hero Siege

Unfortunately, the road to the Astral Encampment is not free. Though the game doesn’t tell you that at first, the seventh act is a part of a paid DLC called “Wrath of Mevius”. It’s the fourth DLC the game has received and it currently costs 2.49 USD.

But I Was There Before!

There were a few instances that gave players access to the Astral Encampment when they were playing in multiplayer. The reason for that is not clear, but once players tried going back to that location on their own, they weren’t able to.

This might be some sort of a weird bug, but It seems to happen very inconsistently. It’s also unclear how far can the player go if they’ll get into the Astral Encampment that way. So, if you were one of the people who got a short taste of the game’s seventh act for free, unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the DLC to experience the rest.

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