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Hero Siege: How To Get Satanic Gear?

Satanic Gear is equally powerful as it is rare. Even if you play the game a lot, you might never even come across it, unless you know when it spawns.




The power of items in Hero Siege depends on their rarity. Satanic is the third-highest rarity in the game, and it’s the only type of item that can make so-called satanic sets.

But aside from the fact they have a low chance of spawning, they can only appear under specific conditions.

How To Get Satanic Gear in Hero Siege

hero siege how to get satanic gear

Satanic Items only appear when playing on the Nightmare difficulty or higher. They can drop from every enemy in the game, although whether or not they will depend on your luck.

There are different tiers of satanic items as well. Only the weakest C tier drops on the nightmare difficulty, while all other tears can only appear on Hell difficulty. Angelic items also appear on this difficulty, though the chances of getting these items are unbelievably small.

Satanic Sets

hero siege how to get satanic gear

Sometimes, enemies will also drop parts of Satanic Sets. These can give you bonuses if you equip enough pieces of the set. Most of these will only give bonuses once you’ll equip all of the pieces minus one, though there is one exception.

Sets with two pieces will require you to equip both of their parts in order to give bonuses.

Also, keep in mind that many of the Satanic Sets are class-specific which means they can only be equipped by that class.

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