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Grounded: Where to Find Ticks | Weapon Guide

Ticks are deadly bloodsucking critters that can surround you in seconds.




One of the deadly creatures in the backyard in Grounded is the Tick. These persistent creepy critters are not only an extreme nuisance when you’re exploring the backyard, but they also drop resources that are vital in crafting a badass tick weapon.

This guide will teach you how to find Ticks and how to craft a strong weapon using the resources you get from farming Ticks.

Where to Find Ticks | Weapon Guide in Grounded

Ticks are found in the Upper Yard, found primarily around the Stump area. It’s the area in proximity to the circle in the illustration below.

Also, you need to remember that the area is not exclusive to ticks. The Upper Yard Stump area also includes deadly mosquitos. So whenever you’re traversing the area looking for ticks, watch out for mosquitos as well.

What are their weaknesses?

Ticks are highly aggressive and will attack the player on sight. They are deadly because they tend to come in groups. Once you’re fighting one Tick, suddenly it’s three Ticks and four Ticks. So watch out for the sudden accumulation of these bloodthirsty arachnids.

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Despite their numbers, Ticks are predictable and are simple to block. They only have a single attack pattern, so getting swarmed is the only thing to watch out for.

Remember, the Tick’s weakness is Spicy. So, weapons like Spicy Coaltana are highly effective against them. Meanwhile, they have resistance against fresh and salty. So using weapons like Salt Morning Star and Mint Mace will not be effective.

What Weapons can you craft from Ticks?

 The badass weapon we can craft from Ticks is the Tick Macuahuitl.  This weapon is a deadly sword-type weapon that has a strong life-steal effect on top of having a fast swing.

They are crafted from Tick Fangs and you would need 10 Tick Fangs, 3 Lint Rope, 1 Pinecone Piece, and 3 Mosquito Blood Sack to craft this weapon.

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