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Grounded: How to Upgrade Your Weapons to Max | Stump Lab Unlock

Get the materials you need to max your weapon.




Are you having trouble defeating the new Mantis boss? Or perhaps you don’t have its kebab  yet. In any case, this is a tough boss that’ll have you wanting to have the best weapon possible to deal with it and with every other pesky bug in the game.

In this guide we’ll show you where to get the materials necessary to upgrade your weapons to the max.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons to Max | Stump Lab Unlock in Grounded

Before going to the laboratory where you’ll find the materials to upgrade your weapons, you need to defeat the Assistant Manager, a mini-boss found in the Black Anthill Lab. Its defeat will grant you the Assistant Manager Key, which you’ll use to get inside a Lab outpost that you’ll find underneath the Oak Tree. Specifically, in the Koi Pond.

An area of this Lab was previously locked off from players, but your Assistant Manager Key will get inside it. Press the button in front of the camera surveillance television – you can’t miss this step or you’ll blocked from the next place you need to go to.

Stump Lamb Outpost

The place you opened up is the Stump Lab Outpost, an optional minilab that you’ll in the Stump (Upper Grasslandas area). One of its hallways sticks out of the ground and it’ll serve as your entrance.

The Stump Lab Outpost is one of the most broken areas and perhaps the trickiest one in the game in terms of exploration. You’ll need to do lots of precise jumping, so bring what you think you’ll need to survive. Dandelion Tufts are recommended if you don’t feel like having a bad time or if you just aren’t too trusty in your jumping skills.

From the get-go you’ll be jumping. Landside to side while falling down to shorten your fall every time. Once you’ve reached the bottom you’ll be in a sideways lab. To make your way up you’ll have to do lots of platforming. Before you start going up, though, look out for the Mantis Research Notes at the end of the first ‘hallway’ you land on. On your path there you’ll a blue glowing pylon that you’ll want to jump on. We will unlock this door soon.

Once you’ve picked the notes, turn 180°. See those white cabinets of the image, sticking off the side of the wall? They’ll be in front of you now – jump over those and then jump over what looks like the mix of dirt and wood. You’ll know what place I’m talking about because it has a bubble that will grant you 500 Raw Science.

From the spot where the RS was, jump to the cabinet you got in front and do another 180° turn.

Jump to the spot indicated by the red arrow, and from there jump to the spot indicated by the blue one. If you can’t see it, it’s a green tile that has a part sticking out just enough that you can stand on it.

When you’re on the green tile turn around again and you’ll see the tip of a tiny root you can jump on, and from that root you can jump to a larger one on your side. This will let you reach the hallway above.

Second room and the chip for upgrading materials

Navigate the broken hallway until you reach another room and fall down. On the way down there’s a 100 Raw Science so pick it up. There’s water below you can fall into and a large root nearby: climb on it to reach a sideways console that reads “Sector A.”

Turn it on and jump to a small curved do, and from there to a large box in front of you.

You’ll want to jump to a little patch of debris and turn around to jump in another, smaller patch of debris. With another turn you’ll see a root that’s jumped in reach: jump to it and you’ll reach the hallway you came from.

Make your way back and just fall down to the previously looked door close to where you found the Mantis Research Notes. Fall in there and make sure to pick up the chest and the new Stump BURG.L Chip.

Search to the right side for a Supreme Quartzite and bust it. A hole in the room will have more upgrade rocks that serve as a passive guide to reach the exit.

The chip will unlocked Advanced Smithing for Mighty and Flavored Jewels besides Sturdy Upgrades, and Advanced Building for Ash Cement. With this you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and armor to lvl 8 and 9!

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