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Grounded: How to Unlock the Under Shed Base

Help BURG.L find Dr. Tully’s SCA.B.




From your previous game progress, you were tasked to find the different BURG.L chips from different locations. After that, you surrendered it to BURG.L and certain rewards were obtained.

When you have already reached the part where you have already given BURG.L all the BURG.L chips, you will be given a special task.

The mission will start with your conversation with BURG.L. After the conversation, it will ask you to find Dr. Tully’s SCA.B. To be able to find this, BURG.L will provide the location, and it is for you to find out where it is located.

How to Unlock the Under Shed Base in Grounded

To get started, you have to go to the top of the shed porch wherein you will see the batteries and the crushed soda can on the sides. Jump over to the soda can to get to the tip of the baseball bat. After that, land on the base of the chair with the help of a dandelion tuft. Otherwise, you will receive falling damage.

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Upon landing on the chair, go to the top of the hammer in the middle. Walk over the tip of the hammer and glide towards the table on the other side. Walk straight and you will see Dr. Tully’s SCA.B

Walk behind the SCA.B and use your tier 3 hammer to open the back. Once done, put in the fuse given to you by BURG.L. Then, you will see a button on the right side of it. Press it to turn it online.

Upon doing this, it will give you the directions and instructions to open the door going to the under-shed lab.

How to Go to the Under Shed Base

After you have already gathered the information, jump down the table and follow the trail of the hose. After you take the first turn while running on the hose, get to the wooden platform and jump down the water.

Under the water, you will see a dark crack. Head towards it and you will see a door. Make sure to use the scanner first before entering or the door will not open.

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Go through the door and you will see a large base inside with a lot of equipment, machines, and gadgets. And this is the under-shed base.

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