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Grounded: How to Sleep Through the Night

Find out how to set up (and reset) a respawn point in Grounded, letting you safely sleep through the night and avoid the dangers of night.




Given the premise of Grounded as a survival game, the surrounding environment can become increasingly hostile at night – especially with potential enemies lurking around.

It’s important to learn how to save progress in Grounded early on, and we’ll explain how to sleep through the night to do so, and set a ‘respawn’ point.

Both ‘sleeping’ in the game and ‘respawn points’ are central to one another. If you happen to die in Grounded, you’ll end up respawning at the last set point and will need to travel back to collect anything you would have dropped when you died.

How to Sleep ‘Through the Night’ in Grounded

To actually go about doing this, you will first need to set up some sort of ‘shelter.’

Within the tutorial, you’ll be able to build a sort of make-shift shelter called a “Lean-To,” which requires two Sprigs and three Clover Leaves.

Once you have the required materials for this, you can head over to the Crafting menu and within Utilities, you should see the Lean-To available to build. You can then construct it, and place it within the world wherever you desire. You can also always relocate the Lean-To to another locale depending on your explorations. You’ll see the option to “Relocate” on the Lean-To.

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If you don’t already have an axe, you’ll need one to be able to harvest the Clover Leaves required for the Lean-To.

Once the Lean-To shelter is set up, you can interact with it – you should then see the prompted message indicating: “To Set a New Respawn Point […] and To Sleep Until The Next Morning […].”

What button corresponds to each will depend on what console you’re playing Grounded on.

You’ll only be able to sleep at night – between the in-game hours of 8 PM to 6 AM, so you won’t be able to sleep through the day.

And that’s all you need to do to set up a respawn point locale in the game and sleep safely through the night!

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