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Grounded: How to Get Sizzling Protection

Sizzling protection can be achieved by using the Antlion armor




The Sizzling effect is one of the game’s most deadly effects in the biome. The effect blurts out an annoying sizzling sound and slowly fills up a red bar once you step out in the sun. This will rapidly kill you if left alone to its devices.

Fortunately, the player has many ways to prevent or mitigate the damage dished out by the sizzle effect. This guide will help you through the ways how to protect yourself from the harmful sizzle effect of the sun.

How to Get Sizzling Protection?

Sizzle protection is best achieved by wearing the Antlion Armor. This fashionable Mexican-themed armor set can be crafted with Antlion parts. Antlions can be found in the Sandbox, located in the lower western section of the Backyard.

Most of them can be found wandering the Sandbox while some are inside their burrows. However, the ones inside the burrows launch a sneak attack, so you should always be on alert when exploring below the Sandbox.

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Once you have the resource, take it to the resource analyzer to unlock the Antilon gear. This allows your character to learn the crafting recipe for the items we need. Then finally, all you need to do is craft these items.

The Antilon Armor consists of three items, the Antlin Wide Brim, Antlion Poncho, and Antlion Spurs. These items significantly increase your resistance to the sizzle effect caused by the daytime heat. Not only that, but it also increases your attack speed with bows and crossbows called Quickdraw.

An additional tip is consuming items like Quesadillantlion and Mint Shards can also help reduce the Sizzle Effect. Quesadillantlion buffs sizzle protection and restore hunger when eaten while Mint Shards apply a cool-off effect and restore +20% food.

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