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Grounded: How to Get Pinch Wacker And Berry Trinket

Tutorial on how to get a pinch wacker and berry trinket




The Pinch Wacker is a very powerful tool to have in Grounded, often described as the best weapon in the game.

It is a tier 3 chopping tool that is described as a grabby arm fallen from a robot repurposed as a lethal weapon. Berry Trinket is a rotten berry charm that is located in the same place as the Wacker.

How to get Pinch Wacker and Berry Trinket in Grounded

The Pinch Wacker cannot be crafted and there is only one in existence in the whole game. It can be found in the Flower Bed Laboratory which is the very southwest of the map.

It is accessible by floating inside the gap of the wall next to the milk carton or building a ramp.

When inside the laboratory in the small corridor you will find the rotten berry charm. It unleashes a cloud of toxic smoke which does damage to creatures. It also cannot be crafted so you need to take care of it.

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It’s a small laboratory and you won’t miss the little bucket under the emergency button where the Pinch Wacker is located.

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