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Grounded: How to Get Pebblet Hammer

Hammer away!




Are you in need of a busting tool? The Pebblet Hammer is the first one you’ll want on Grounded and a multi-step craft, but a simple one. Follow along to get yours.

Getting the Pebblet Hammer Recipe

To craft the Pebblet Hammer first you’ll need to unlock its recipe and reach a Brainpower of lvl 1. Don’t worry about the brainpower and let’s get on to the materials.

First get three Plant Fibers and analyze one at the Resource Analyzer. The first Resource Analyzer you’ll find will be at the Field Station, nearby to where you first enter The Yard. Analyzing the fiber will grant you the Crude Rope (Woven Fiber in some translations of the game) recipe. Craft one, and analyze it as well. This will finally grant you the Pebblet Hammer recipe.

Aside from the Crude Rope you crafted, you’ll also need four Pebblets and three Sprigs. Once you get them go to your craft menu and you’ve got yourself a hammer.

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 Here’s the location for all the ingredients we’ve made mention of. None require of a tool to pick up:

  • Pebblets: Common all over the yard.
  • Plant Fiber: Common, obtained from small sprout-like plants.
  • Sprigs: Like Fibers, but taller.

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