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Grounded: How to Get Antlion Greatsword

Grounded: How to Get Antlion Greatsword




The Antlion Greatsword, is a tier 3, double-handed sword, and It’s the most powerful weapon in the game, tied with Spicy Coaltana. It produces 4.5 damage and has 3.5 speed, although it is very large and heavy.

How to get Antlion Greatsword in Grounded

The Antlion Greatsword is crafted with Antlion Pincers, a resource obtained from killing the Antlion. What you need to do is go to the sandbox enter one of its entrances and an Antlion will appear in front of you.

The Antlion is an aggressive creature found in abundance and is the primary and most dangerous insect threat of the Sandbox. Kill it and loot the body to retrieve the needed resources.

You will find Antlion Pincers, Antlion Parts, and some other loot. Go back to the lab, and use the resource analyzer to analyze the pincers, which will decipher the recipe for Antlion Greatsword. Go to the menu, and select craft, where you will find all the recipes.

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Locate the Antlion Greatsword and select craft. To build it you will need 7 Antlion Pincers, 3 Antlion Parts, and 3 Silk ropes.

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