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Grounded: How to Do Random Access Memories

What do you need to do to get all the Superchips?




Random Access Memories is the main quest in Grounded. The player is tasked with finding all the Super Chips, to fix BURG.L’s memory. Here’s what you need to do to find and retrieve all the Super Chips to successfully complete the quest.

How to complete Random Access Memories in Grounded

First, BURG.L will tell you to scan your hand on the biometric scanner in the Oak Lab which will give you access to the ASL Terminal, and the rest of the labs. The first super chip is the Hedge Super Chip which is located in the Hedge Lab.

  • You will need to find the Hedge Lab, which is found on the upper branches of the Hedge.
  • When you are there, you will need to unlock the terminal with a password, which is written on a piece of paper scattered around the lab.
  • You can now unlock the terminal which will unlock the door behind the terminal on the left, where the chip is located.
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 Next, you need to go to the Haze where you can find the Haze Super Chip. Wear a gas mask, because it is contaminated in there. Walk your way through the Haze, defeat all the threats and you will be able to locate the Super Chip inside a cave that can be opened from the lab.

For the Pond Lab Super Chip, go to the pond and find the entrance to the lab in the Pond Depths, located just left the center of the pond.

  • Find your way through a broken corridor inside the lab and activate the power control
  • Find and switch on all the breakers to open the main door
  • When inside go to the console which unlocks access to the Pond Hatch and the Pond Lab Dome
  • Once you reach the dome travel up the stairs to reach the final console and turn the Lab Dome into an auto mode which holds the chip on the seat
  • Leave via the unlocked Pond Hatch or if you want some challenge go back where you came from.
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The Black Ant Lab

This is the hardest quest of the super chips. The Black Ant Lab is located deep in Black Anthill, separated in two sectors, A and B. Use the sand entrance, which is safer although quite further. When you locate the lab, you will need to unlock the sectors.

  • To unlock the doors for sector A, go to the collapsed corridor blow up the rock and follow the path to the room over the cave where you will find a console that can be activated.
  • To unlock the doors for sector B, go to the right path through a door, fall into a hole that leads to the next section, and continue down the corridor to find the console that activates all the doors.
  • Head down to the deepest point of the anthill where you will find a locked glass window that is opened by a button in the back of the room.
  • Inside is the boss which you need to defeat in order to reach the chip. Loot the body for the keycard and use the door to the right.
  • Retrieve the Super Chip and bring it back to BURG.L
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