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Genshin Impact: How to Use Sacred Seals

Use the Sacred Seal by bringing it to this location.




Version 3.1 of Genshin Impact is the most recent version to be released. The banners of Cyno and Candace for the first half and Nilou for the second half are included in this update.

Additionally, it opens up the Sumeru Desert. We’ll demonstrate how to use a Sacred Seal, one of the version’s new features.

How to Use Sacred Seals in Genshin Impact

You can visit the Sumeru Desert; however, you must first unlock the region to do this. You must finish the Archon Quest “Requiem of the Echoing Deep” and reach Adventure Rank 35 to be allowed to travel to Sumeru.

Once in the new region, all that is left to do is travel to Caravan Ribet in the west. A Statue of the Seven to the south of it near the entrance to Aaru Village unlocks the desert on the map.

Aaru Village will be the starting point for your World Quest to travel to the Mausoleum of King Deshret, where you can acquire and use a Sacred Seal.

Using a Sacred Seal

You can find Sacred Seals in the Mausoleum of King Deshrat. There are 6 of these, and you need 5 of them to restore the Primal Obelisk in King Deshrat’s mausoleum.

The following are the Sacred Seals are located inside the King Deshret Mausoleum:

  • 2 Sacred Seal: Crocodile Head 1
  • 1 Sacred Seal: Valley
  • 1 Sacred Seal: Danger
  • 1 Sacred Seal: Sunrise
  • 1 Sacred Seal: Thunderstrike

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