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Genshin Impact: How to Get the Luxurious Chest & Dendroculus in The Mausoleum of King Deshret

Every pyramid has its treasure.




Did you know there’s a Luxurious Chest and a Dendroculus you can get in The Mausoleum of King Deshret? Keep reading to know where to find them. Remember that to access this area you’ll need to first get Full Clearance.

How to Get the Luxurious Chest & Dendroculus in The Mausoleum of King Deshret in Genshin Impact

For your first step you’ll want to fast travel to the Waypoint thatis in front of the Sekhem Hall, or as you may remember it, the place for the Place of Breath.

Release the Primal Ember of the entrance and follow it until the end of the room. When the Ember goes down, follow and glide to the same location it is moving. A pillar will catch it, so release again.

After the Ember goes underwater, take the stairs just back of the pillar and go towards the right Primal Beam. You’ll move that cell twice.

Run to the left side until the other Primal Beam you can see, and move it twice like you did with the previous one. In its last location you’ll notice that there are boxes in the way: destroy them so that the light beam may pierce forward.

The water level of the room will drop. Watch carefully for the Ember that previously went under it and glide towards it to prompt it to advance. You should fall in a blue-colored fan panel that you’ll activate by interacting with a book next to it. 

Dendro Particles Challenge

Make sure your Ember lit the pillar at the end of the room, and go towards the opposite end. It has a locked Primal Ember pillar and another one to activate a challenge about collecting 23 Dendro Particles within 240 seconds.

The particles are green-colored orbs that made a trail back to the fan panel. Grab all of them on the way there and glide up, picking the ones above. Once you’re as high as the current will get you, move to the platform on the side (the one where you leapt off in the first place) and run towards the first Primal Beam Cell you moved twice. Move it again, only once this time, and go after the Primal Beam Cell at the other end of the room. This one you’ll move twice.

This activates an updraft that has a Four-Leaf Sigil in it. The current has another group of Dendro Particles for you to get. At the top is also where you’ll find the Dendroculus.

Be ready, since at the maximum height of that updraft there’s another Four-Leaf Sigil next to another group of Particles that you’ll have to glide and then fall to get.

At the bottom the last two particles are resting within another updraft, right behind where you just landed. An Exquisite Chest shows up – collect it. Turn off the Scarlet Sand Plate that keeps the last updraft going, and release the now unlocked Primal Ember.

Luxurious Chest

You’ll follow it until it lits the Primal Torch that was unactive. It’ll unlock the giant door, and grant you access to two Precious Chests and the Luxurious Chest.

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