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Genshin Impact: How to Get Record of Aaru’s Shut Stone Slate

And report your finding to Soheil.




The Record of Aaru’s Shut is a quest item needed to complete the Dual Evidence quest. This quest will automatically trigger once you have finished the Golden Slumber questline and teleport to Aaru Village Statue of the Seven or are around the village’s vicinity after a server reset.

Aaru Village

Teleport to Aaru Village. As you walk towards the objective location a cutscene will play out where you will be stopped by Soheil, an old man dressed in green. Talk to him.

Duat Hall

The location your stone tablet indicates is the Duat Hall. You’ll find it inside the Dune of Magma. If you don’t know where this is, you can locate the Dune southwest of Hypostyle Desert. Once you’ve made your way to the Duat Hall you will see a Seelie on the other side of the room. Follow it to a room with a Teleport Waypoint in there. Open the door with the book and see the cutscene.

Getting Full Clearance

You’ll need to clear three different ruins to advance. These are the Place of Rebirth, found underneath  Duat Hall; the Place of Breath found in Khemenu Temple and the Place of Swallowing in Duat Hall. This series of activities involve activating monoliths with all the Primal Embers in the mentioned locations.

It’s recommended to leave Place of Swallowing for the last even if you could take on Place of Rebirth and that one with both being in the same place you’re already in, but the next quest objective will play from Place of Swallowing, so it’s faster with the given order.

To the Great Hall of Truths

Get to Place of Swallowing and return to the main room, heading to the opposite side of the entrance. You’ll see two big statues: get there. Once inside interact with the giant device. You’ll need to activate it: you do this by going to four monuments on the southwest, southeast, northwest and northeast corners of the device. When you’re done, operate the four books to activate the device.

Returning to the giant device, run and phase through the barrier in the middle. This will lead you to a new room where you have to release three Primal Embers located by the murals on the walls to their Primal Torches. The locations are on your map, so you don’t have to worry about hard puzzles.

When you have placed all Embers, return to the middle and start the device. A cutscene will play and you’ll find yourself in the highest point of King Deshret’s Mausoleum.

Taking on the boss

In there, you won’t be alone. A Field Annihilation Array will be waiting for you on the center of the area. Go up to it and defeat it!

After you’re done with the boss, open the Precious Chest and you’ll get what you set out for: the Record of Aaru’s Shut. Simply return to Aaru Village and speak to Soheil. The quest Dual Evidence is finished.

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Core Keeper: How To Obtain The Oracle Deck For The Steam Achievement “The Heart of the Cards”

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Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

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Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

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