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Genshin Impact: How to Capture the Great Snowboar King

The Great Snowbear King deals serious damage but has a predictable attack pattern




The Great Snowboar King is one of the formidable minibosses you will encounter in Genshin Impact. He’s part of the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” World Quest entails players defeating it. However, fighting against the Great Snowboar King is difficult. He deals a ton of damage, especially during his Berserker Mode.

This guide will teach you how to capture the Great Snowboar king. Let’s dive in.

How to Capture the Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact

The Great Snowboar King deals serious damage but luckily his attack pattern is predictable.  He has 4 attack patterns.

  • First, he has a Charge that deals 100% ATK as Physical DMG up to three or four times. He will be stunned if he charges into a wall in its normal state
  • Second, he can summon a few snowboards who will attack with him
  • He enters a Berseker State after it charges into a wall three times. This increases his ATK by 30%
  • Finally his King’s Rage. He jumps up and down repeatedly, dealing 100% ATK when slamming down and causing snowballs to fall from the sky.

What is the Strategy to defeat the Great Snowbear King?

Keep your eyes on the boar. Despite hitting hard, his charge attacks are relatively easy to dodge. Once he misses you and hits a wall, he will be temporarily stunned. While he is stunned, this is your chance to attack him.

Another tip is to not get too close to the boar. Try to hit him with ranged attacks like using Amber with her Bow ranged attacks.

Scattered on the battlefield are small pillar-like structures. These are Smoke Machines. You can activate these whenever it is near them which causes him to be temporarily stunned and can use them for cover when the boar is charging you.

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Core Keeper: How To Obtain The Oracle Deck For The Steam Achievement “The Heart of the Cards”

Cards on the table!

Nicole Barelli



core keeper how to obtain the oracle deck for the steam achievement the heart of the cards

Pugstorm’s Core Keeper has a simple premise: mine, build, fight, craft, and farm. But why not add another item to the list: unlock achievements! If you’ve been exploring the game’s endless caverns, you might be wondering what to do with the Oracle Cards you’ve been collecting. Well, wonder no more! Here’s a guide to help you out!

How To Obtain The Oracle Deck For The Steam Achievement “The Heart of the Cards” – Core Keeper

The Oracle Deck is an epic accessory (equipable items that provide stat boosts to the player). The “epic” part may be scary, but basically, you’ll need to combine items to get the Deck.

The most challenging part might be collecting the necessary materials. There’s a total of nine Oracle Cards plus the Thread of Fate, which can help you see what cards you’re missing in case you haven’t got them all yet.

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Once you acquire all the materials, you’ll want to place the Thread of Fate on your action bar, then click outside of the action bar to activate it. Wait for the crafting to end, and then you’ll unlock the Steam achievement “The Heart of the Cards”. And that’s it!

core keeper how to obtain the oracle deck for the steam achievement the heart of the cards2
Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

Also, if you’re wondering where to find the Thread of Fate, that would be in the Desert of Beginnings.

It’s in an area where you can break the wall to access it. A decorative structure will be in the middle of this room, which you need to break—after you break the sneaky turrets encircling it—to reveal a digging spot. Dig and voilà! There’s the Thread of Fate.

core keeper how to obtain the oracle deck for the steam achievement the heart of the cards3
Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

Thanks RonEmpire for the walkthrough! For more, please access his video: Core Keeper – How to Obtain the Oracle Deck for the Steam Achievement “The Heart of the Cards”

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