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Fortnite: How to Get VIBRANT VIBIN’ Emote for Free

In Fornite’s new Chapter 3 Season 3, there is a new free emote everyone can claim.




With the new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, a completely fresh vibe has come on the island. The celebration at Command Cavern is getting out of hand, and everyone is invited. Epic Games is also giving away the Vibrant Vibin’ emote for free so that users can get in on the action as soon as they arrive on the island.

How to Get VIBRANT VIBIN’ Emote for Free in Fortnite

Unfortunately, getting the free Vibrant Vibin’ emote isn’t as simple as it appears. It’s not for sale in either the item shop or the Epic Games store. Instead, you will have to earn it by watching a Twitch live stream for more than 30 minutes.

Fortunately for the community, the free Vibrant Vibin’ emote can be obtained without Twitch Prime. If you want to know how to claim the new free emote, keep reading the article below.

Claiming Vibrant Vibin’

By watching a Fortnite stream for 30 minutes, players worldwide can unlock the free emote. Any Twitch Drops-enabled streamer can help players in unlocking the emote. However, you need to hurry! The emote will only be available until 8 p.m. ET on June 8.

Here are the few steps you need to do to unlock Vibrant Vibin’ for those who are having trouble earning the emote:

  • Join Twitch with your Epic Games account.
  • Go to a well-known streamer like SypherPK or Ninja.
  • For more than 30 minutes, watch a Fortnite live stream on Twitch.
  • To claim the free Vibrant Vibin emote, go to your Drops inventory.

Players must confirm that the creator they are viewing has Drops enabled. The FN directory on Twitch includes a list of all the channels that will assist gamers in obtaining the emote.

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