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Fortnite: How to get Unlimited Metal

Fortnite players have discovered a glitch that allows them to obtain unlimited metal.




Materials have become essential in Fortnite since Building has returned to the game. Players can find materials in chests, floor loot, or harvesting trees, rocks, walls, cars, and other items using the harvesting tool. Currently, only Wood, Stone, and Metal are available. Each material has a limit of 999 in Battle Royale, 500 in Arena, and unlimited in Creative mode.

How to get Unlimited Metal in Fortnite

Materials are used to construct walls, floors, staircases, and pyramids. Each of which takes 10 materials of a specific type to complete. Players usually cut down every tree they come across since they are easy to shatter and rewarded with a lot of wood.

However, they have discovered a way to get practically infinite amounts of metal, the finest material in the game. Interested? We’ll teach you how to exactly do this.

Gathering Unlimited Metal

The best part about this method is that you won’t get banned since you won’t need any third-party hacks or apps. To gain unlimited metal, you only need another friend to help you.

Follow these steps to get unlimited metal:

  • Have one or two RVs nearby
  • Together with a friend, have 5 or more Repair Torches each
  • Hit the vehicle with your Harvesting Tool until it cracks while having your friend repair it with the Repair Torch simultaneously

Always remember to hit the car until it cracks and use the repair torches. You can get approximately 150 metals for each Repair Torch once you successfully complete this method. With the 10 repair torches, you and your friend have, you can expect more than 1000 metals. Wow!


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