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Fortnite: How to Find the Chug Cannon Exotic Weapon

Following the highly anticipated Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 update, the location of the healing Chug Cannon exotic weapon has been moved.




In Season 5 of Fortnite, Epic Games introduced exotic weaponry to The Island, and they’ve grown extremely popular. The Chug Cannon, previously known as the Slurp Bazooka when it leaked, is one of the most recent additions. This article will focus on Chug Cannon’s location.

How to Find the Chug Cannon Exotic Weapon

The Chug Cannon is one of the items that has been unvaulted for the new season. Despite the Chug Cannon’s comeback, players will have a difficult time obtaining this weapon because it is not available as floor loot.

To obtain this weapon, players must purchase it from one of the map’s NPCs. See its location below if you want to get your hands on this exotic weapon.

Locating Chug Cannon

You can purchase the Chug Cannon weapon from a specific NPC on the island to receive it. First, travel to Logjam Lumberyard and look for Kyle, an NPC that roams around one of the warehouses. Kyle’s exact location is marked on the image above.

This exotic weapon is sold for 600 gold bars. It shoots a slow-moving heavy projectile that heals 15 HP each shot to its target. However, it reloads exceptionally slowly.

You can use this weapon to heal your allies, especially under fire. It can also be utilized to help a knocked teammate live longer by restoring their HP. Because of this, you will be able to focus on the gunfights for longer before needing to revive your teammates.

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