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Fortnite: How to Complete Paradise Discord Quests

Six Tasks, Three Rewards.




Fornite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise is here now, and to celebrate it Epic Games has put out Paradise Discord Quest, new set of tasks you will find in one of the many Fortnite Discord servers. Doing the tasks will earn you up to three in-game rewards.

Read on, in this guide I’ll show you how to to complete the tasks to get your rewards.

How to Complete Paradise Discord Quests in Fortnite

To start the quests you’ll need an Epic Games account and join a Fortnite Discord server. There’s a variety of them in different languages, so pick yours:

After you’re in one of them first you’ll need to complete a series of small steps to be able to talk. This is no different from joining any Discord server with basic security to avoid spam: a bar will appear at the top of your Discord window, click on its button and follow the steps.

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After you’re done with it, navigate to the option “paradise-quest” on the left sidebar and click it. This will open a menu where you should click the “Start” button to open a prompt to link your Discord and Epic Games accounts.

Being done with it, go back to the server again and click the “Start” button again. You’ll get your first task to complete.

The Tasks and the Rewards

There are six tasks you’ll need to complete. Not all appear at the same time: completing one will grant you the other, and though you can most tasks Solo, the first one naturally will need a teammate to complete.

  • Assist Teammates with 10 Eliminations
  • Catch 15 fish
  • Survive the 5th Storm Circle 3 times
  • Deal 3.000 damage to opponents
  • Heal (yourself) for 300 points.
  • Place Top 10 in Solo 3 times.

By completing these tasks you’ll get the following rewards:

  • One task: Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon
  • Three tasks: Banana Flip Loading Screen
  • Six tasks: Chrome Flow Wrap
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