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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Final Trial Guide

Collect these things to finish Merlin’s quest.




In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you get to befriend your favorite Disney characters. Some give you items while others may upgrade your tools by increasing your Friendship Level with them.

But before doing that, you need to invite those characters to your valley first. One of these characters is Merlin, and he is going to give you the Final Trial quest. This is how you can complete it.

The Final Trail Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Final Trial quest is unlocked once you’ve reached Friendship level 10 with Merlin and have WALL-E in your Valley. This quest is tied to the second half of the Glade of Trust area.

In the Glade of Trust area, you cannot pass through the second bridge because there are mushrooms blocking your way. You need to upgrade your Royal Watering Can to remove the blockage.

The quest will give you tasks that need you to gather 4 items.

Completing the Final Trial Quest

Once you unlock the Final Trial quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, go and talk to Merlin. He is going to request 5 Purified Night Shards from you.You can craft a Purified Night Shard on the Crafting Table, and it costs 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard per piece.

The next task is to obtain the following items:

Falling Water

The Falling Water item needed for the quest can be obtained at the southern area of Glade of Trust. It is located on the waterfall, as indicated in the picture above. You need 1 Falling Water.

Ice Heart

The next item, the Ice Heart, can be obtained in Frosted Heights. First, you must unlock the Frosted Heights area. You also need an Ice Tear Seed. Plant the Ice Tear Seed in the Frosted Heights, water it using the Royal Watering Can, wait for a while, and harvest the Ice Heart. You need 1 Ice Heart.


Mushrooms can be gathered in the Glade of Trust. You can also use the watering can on a purple mushroom to gather more Mushrooms. You need 25 Mushrooms.

After obtaining all of the items, go to the crafting table and create the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment. Go to Merlin and give him the Ointment.

He will then ask you to go to Glade of Trust to remove the Big Path-Blocking Mushroom. After removing them, talk to Merlin to finish the quest, and receive Merlin’s Marvelous Wizard Hat.

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