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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Rescue Minnie Mouse | Memory Magnification Quest Guide

Mickey Mouse will never feel complete without Minnie.




Mickey Mouse is one of the first villagers you unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He will be one of the key characters you go to in helping solve or unlock new quests as you access new areas or invite new residents into the Dreamlight Valley.

Having Mickey in the valley would still feel incomplete without two of his companions. These are his trusty companion Pluto and his partner Minnie Mouse.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to unlock one of Disney’s iconic characters next to Mickey, Goofy and Donald. His lovable partner Minnie.

How to Rescue Minnie Mouse on the Memory Magnification Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start, you have to reach Level 8 Friendship with Mickey to unlock the quest for Minnie. This will be the Memory Magnification Quest.

Head over to Mickey and talk to him to activate the quest. Here, you will be tasked to Craft the Dreamlight Magnifier.

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Craft the Memory Magnifier on your workbench

Go home to your workbench and craft the item. With this in hand, head over to Mickey to continue the story.

Mickey will then ask you to test the magnifier out. Head towards the Well and you would see a blue silhouette of Minnie by the plaza.

The good news is, that she isn’t completely disappearing. The bad news, she is barely visible and would need something to anchor her to the village to stop her from being taken by the Forgotten.

She will then ask you to search for her house before she completely disappears. Head back to Mickey to see if he has any ideas where her house is.

Give Mickey back the Magnifier and search for Minnie’s House

Return the Magnifier to Mickey and ask for leads on helping Minnie look for her house. He would then suggest you use your Magic to bring her house over to the valley. It’s a cute pink house with heart shapes in the windows.

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Place Minnie’s House in the Valley

The house will now be in your inventory. Search for a suitable area where to place it for Minnie to stay in when she gets back to the village.

Once you find a suitable spot, clear the area where to place her home. You will need to access your furniture tab and select move to make a clearing easier for you.

After doing this, select the key items for mickey in your menu. Minnie’s plot will now be available for you to place in the space you’ve created for her home. Set it down on the area.

Ask Scrooge McDuck to build Minnie’s House

With the plot set on the ground, ask the resident builder Scrooge McDuck to construct the house for Minnie. You won’t have to shell out gold for building the house so no worries about paying for the construction.

Invite Minnie back into the Village

With Minnie’s house in place, head back to the well to talk to her. Looks like having her house helped Minnie from completely disappearing. Her mind will be a bit muddled from the experience and would be asking to speak to Mickey.

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Head Back to Mickey to complete the quest

Look for Mickey and tell him that Minnie is okay and in the valley. He will then thank you and will go and meet her to try to jog her memory back. With that done, you would have completed the Memory Magnification Quest and unlocked Minnie to the Valley.

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