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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove the Second Magic Gate

Plant these seeds to remove the gate.




Disney Dreamlight Valley is not just a life-simulator game, it also has a twist of adventure in it. In the game, you have a goal of stopping the Forgetting and there is a series of main quests to prevent the evil forces.

One of the quests will require you to remove the Second Magic Gate, and we are going to show you how to do it.

How to Remove the Second Magic Gate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Mystical Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley is part of the “With Great Power…” quest in obtaining the Orb of Power. You need the Crystal Key from Ursula to reach the cave.

There are 3 magic gates in the cave, but we are only going to focus on the second gate.  Once you have correctly placed the right color gems for each statue in the first gate, you are then transported to the second one. Removing it is pretty easy.

Removing the Second Gate

Unlike the first gate, where you only need to put the same color of gem with the glowing necklace of the statue, the second gate is a bit tricky.

It requires you to obtain 3 different seeds and plant them in front of the statue. Plant the seeds in this order: Tomato seed, Carrot seed, and Wheat seed. Start from the sign close to the portal.

Water the plant until they grow. Once they have fully grown, you need to harvest the vegetables as you will be needing them in the third gate. Do not use the vegetable that you planted and harvested anywhere.

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