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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Ice

Collect these items to remove the ice blocking your path.




Disney Dreamlight Valley has areas called Realms that are home to a specific Disney Character. One of these is the Frozen Realm, and inside it is Anna and Elsa. You are going to receive quests when you travel to their realm, including a task that requires you to remove ice.

How to Remove the Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the Break the Ice quest, you need to do 3 things, and these are:

  • Unlock the Forest of Valor
  • Unlock the Frozen Realm in the Dream Castle for 4,000 Dreamlight
  • Invite Anna and Elsa to the valley

The quest Breaking the Ice from Elsa allows you to upgrade your Royal Pickaxe so that you can remove the ice blocking your path.

You need to craft the Warmth of Summer Potion and give it to Elsa. To do so, you need the following items:

  • 1 Vial of Ocean Water
  • 5 Sunflowers
  • 5 Lemons
  • 2 Sugarcane
  • 3 Garlic

The Vial of Ocean Water, Sugarcane (Goofy’s Stall), and Sunflower can be obtained in Dazzle Beach. and Sunflower can be found anywhere in Dazzle Beach. As for Garlic and Lemon, you can get them in the Forest of Valor.

When you have all of the materials, go to the crafting table and create the Warmth of Summer Potion. Give it to Elsa so that she can upgrade your Royal Pickaxe. You can now use it to break the ice.

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