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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Place Ursula’s Crystal Key at Dazzle Beach

Ursula’s Crystal Key unlocks the very first Biome, the Mystical Cave.




Unlocking content in Disney Dreamlight Valley would require you to reach certain milestones across multiple character quests or unlock specific game content.

this can be reaching a certain level of friendship for a character on a number of them, unlocking things and even doing your everyday tasks such as gathering drops, fishing, cooking, or pretty much anything in the game.

Ursula’s Crystal Key is a quest item that would be needed to unlock the Mystical Cave. You will need to finish Merlin’s Quest Friendship is Everything where you unlock the daily gift boosts as well as upgrade at least 3 characters to friendship level 5.

In this Guide, we will show you how and where to use Ursula’s Crystal Key to unlock the Mystical Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ursula’s Crystal Key at Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After having 3 characters reach level 5 friendship with you, you will be given a “With Great Power Story Quest”. This will make the Mystical Cave accessible to you for the first time.

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To unlock it, you will have to visit Ursula’s home East of the Peaceful Meadow and complete one of her quests. She will then give you the Crystal Key for you to continue with the Great Power Quest.

Unlock the Mystical Cave by the Eastern Ridge Wall in Dazzle Beach

Head towards Dazzle Beach and make your way east until you see a pedestal. Interact with it and place Ursula’s Crystal Key. This will open up a cave entrance by the ridge where you can access the Mystical Cave.

Going inside will take you to the stone statues where you will have to set specific gemstones to unlock the first gate.

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