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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Money Fast | Money Guide

Farming Gold currency efficiently saves a lot of time later in the game.




when starting any new game, one of the guides you would search for is how to farm items, equipment or gold efficiently.

Some ways could be game-breaking. That’s why games these days have set a number of currencies so you won’t be able to break the game and make it discouraging for other new players coming into the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley also has this type of set-up in the game. We have Gold for buying and upgrading items, Dreamlight for unlocking realms and characters, and shards for trading, purifying, and completing tasks or quests.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to farm gold currency efficiently. It just involves gold and a few simple steps to double your income in a very short time.

Guide on How to Make Money Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get you started, there are a few requirements for you to meet to farm gold efficiently. You must unlock cooking in the game, Remy’s Kitchen and a fair amount of gold to set you up.

Have a Decent amount of Gold

The first step is for you to have to start money to engage in this venture. You could start with 10,000 gold but the higher your money invest for this, the higher the payout will be. Just keep that in mind when doing this, especially for the first time.

Arrange Goofy’s Stall and the Chez Remy Restaurant and place them side by side

Find a vacant spot where you can place Remy’s Restaurant and Goofy’s stall close to each other. You could leave them where they are but to farm for gold efficiently you need to have them as close as possible.

You will be making frequent trips to and from these two locations so might as well save yourself some time by doing this.

Head over to your furniture tab and select the rearrange/move option. Locate Goofy’s Stall and move it on a vacant lot and do the same with the Chez Remy Restaurant and place them as close as you can.

Place a stove close to the area

The next requirement for you will be to place a stove near these two buildings. You can craft one from your workbench but to save yourself some money, just grab the stove that is given to you freely at home and use it for the time being.

Purchase cooking ingredients from Remy’s Kitchen

Head over to the kitchen restaurant and purchase these items from Remy. Depending on how much money you have, purchase all these four ingredients evenly. For a test, start by buying 15 of each.

Head over to your Stove and Start Cooking

You can also use Remy’s cooking pot to cook but you would be wasting a few seconds with Remy’s animation when cooking so it’s best to save yourself some time and do it on your stove.

The food that you will have to cook is the Soufflé. That would take one cheese slice, one egg, one carton of milk and one stick of butter.

If you have that on your recipe, just click on it and autofill the ingredients and start cooking. If you purchased 15 of each, you will have 15 Souffle in your inventory.

It is unfortunate that you cannot cook these recipes by batch and have to do them one by one. Doing 15 of these would take you less than 5 minutes.

Sell your Souffle over at Goofy’s Stall

Afterwards, head over to Goofy’s Stall and sell all the Souffle you just made. This would raise your money by 5 to 6 thousand gold depending on how much you invest in the ingredients.

Just do this over and over. Apparently, there are no limits for selling or purchasing the ingredients in Remy’s kitchen so you could do this as frequently as you want and watch your profits rise.

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