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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Swamp Water for Frozen Memories

Complete the Frozen Memories quest by getting the Swamp Water.




In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are friendship quests that can upgrade the ability of your Royal Tools and grants rewards such as cosmetics, furniture, and others. One of these quests requires you to help Kristoff remember Anna.

The quest needs you to locate Swamp Water, and we are going to show you where you can obtain it.

How to Get Swamp Water for Frozen Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the stories in the game involves Kristoff forgetting his feelings and memories for Anna. If you unlocked Kristoff, he is going to give you the Frozen Memories quest that can help him remember the love of his life.

The quest can be accessed if you have unlocked Elsa, reach Friendship level 3 with Kristoff, and progress further with Anna. One of the materials needed for the Frozen Memories is the Swamp Water.

Obtaining Swamp Water for the Frozen Memories Quest

You need to collect Swamp Water for Elsa as part of the Frozen Memories. The Swamp Water can be obtained in the Glade of Trust area. When you reach the Glade of Trust, just walk along the river, where you are going to see glowing lights in the river.

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Pick it up to receive the Swamp Water. Locate two more of these to complete the requirement of 3 Swamp Water.  If you cannot find more the first area, just cross the bridge and find them in the second area.

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