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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Sugarcane Seeds

Unlock a certain shop to obtain Sugarcane Seeds




Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizon and Stardew Valley. You are going to expand your valley and farm for items and materials to use in upgrading the buildings.

One of the perks you can get from repairing or upgrading a building is Sugarcane Seeds, and we are going to show you what to repair so that you can obtain them.

How to Obtain Sugarcane Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Sugarcane Seed is one of the requirements for unlocking the Garden. Talk to WALL-E who will tell you that he needs Sugarcane Seed, Wheat Seed, Trellis, and Burlap Bags to turn the wooden ruins in the Meadow into a garden. The Sugarcane Seeds can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach.

Obtaining the Sugarcane Seeds

Goofy’s Stalls can be found in every zone except the Plaza. Each stall will sell crops that are unique in that area. The Sugarcane Seed is exclusive to Dazzle Beach, but you must first repair Goofy’s Stall before you can begin purchasing from him.

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Before you can repair the stall, you need to unlock it by talking to Merlin, who will require you to spend 5,000 Dreamlight for the biome. You also need to unlock Maui to break the Blue Rocks found in the beach.

You need to procure 5 Sugarcane Seeds for the Village Project: The Garden from WALL-E. If you have all of the items needed, talk to WALL-E to trigger a cutscene where the wooden ruins turn into a garden.

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