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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get More Mushrooms

The following methods will allow you to farm more mushrooms.




A mushroom in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a gatherable item that can be used in making food. The Potato Leek Soup and Mushroom Pizza are some of the dishes that need it. Some quests need a mushroom, and you can also sell a mushroom for 30 Star Coins or 105 Energy. Talk about being a usable item in all fronts!

 Since mushrooms have a lot of in-game uses, we are going to teach you 3 methods for gathering more mushrooms.

How to Obtain More Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are 3 methods of obtaining mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valleyand all of the methods need the Glade of Trust quest area, so be sure to unlock the said quest first.

First Method

The first method is just gathering in the first area of the Glade of Trust. You can roam around and  gather mushrooms.

Second Method

The second method is more like an exploit. You are going to transfer the well in the second area of the Glade of Trust, and gather the mushrooms there. The well is the teleport waypoint in the game.

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Third Method

In the last method, you need to get a Friendship level of level 8 for Merlin, where he is going to give you a quest to gather 20 mushrooms. After completing the task, you can now then use the watering can on the Purple mushrooms in the Glade of Trust to obtain mushrooms.

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