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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Wheat Seeds

Wheat Seeds are one of the first seeds you unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley.




Disney Dreamlight Valley has tons of content for you to explore. From different area locations to inviting other Disney and Pixar Characters into your valley and going along and finding more things to do as you unlock a plethora of quests to achieve.

And the fun doesn’t even end there. You have a variety of tasks to do in the game that is also essential to completing the different quests Disney Dreamlight has in store for you.

The main ones are Digging, Foraging, Mining, Fishing, and Gardening. You can also unlock cooking in the game and unlocking all the tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not only essential to complete the game, but also opens up more fun things to do and collect in the valley.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to unlock one of the key items in the game that you will be able to unlock and use for your gardening Task, and that’s wheat seeds.

How to Find Wheat Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will first come across wheat early in the game when doing mickey’s tutorial quests. Since the game is more story driven, the game directs you on completing the different set of tasks and give you the items easy for you in starting quests.

One classic example of these is wheat, they would be given to you to create a dish for Minnie and won’t be explained where or how to obtain them.

The next time you would hear about wheat seeds would be when you are doing the second gate of the mystical cave. Here you would have to plant three types of seeds to unlock the gate. One of them happens to be wheat seeds.

Purchase them at Goofy’s Stall by the meadow

To unlock Wheat Seeds as well as other items, you have to purchase them from Goofy’s Stall by the meadow. If you need a lot more of these seeds, you can upgrade Goofy’s Stall to level 2 or three which allows you to purchase up to 99 items on sale. purchasing a bunch of these will also give you a little Dreamlight Bonus which is also essential for unlocking Realms and Characters in the Valley.

The stall will also sell you wheat at 3 gold per stalk. But to save yourself some money, you should buy the seeds since it’s just 1 gold per seed and harvest wheat from them.

Plant Wheat Seeds for Wheat Stalks

Since you will be using a fair amount of wheat as you progress in the game, buy yourself a decent amount of wheat seeds and plant them in your valley. All you have to do is find a suitable spot for them, cultivate the plot with your tool, plant the seeds and then water them with your watering can.

The seeds will turn into plants over time and when a fair amount of time has passed, these will yield wheat which you can harvest by holding the E button on the area.

It is best to farm for these early on so you won’t have to scramble for wheat especially after you’ve unlocked the cooking task since many of the dishes you will be making, involves wheat as their main ingredient.

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