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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Kristoff’s Climbing Gear

Go to this area to obtain Kristoff’s Climbing Gear.




Disney Dreamlight Valley features characters from all your favorite movies. For example, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff from Frozen are present, except for Sven and Olaf.

You can even interact with them and invite them to your valley. As you talk to them more, they will give you tasks and quests m including one that will reward you with Kristoff’s Climbing Gear.

How to Locate Kristoff’s Climbing Gear in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you play the game, you are going to reach a certain quest given by Mother Gothel that involves Kristoff needing to offer his memories of Anna to Ursula so that you can break the curse.

The Lost Loves and Missing Memories is the quest that will help Anna bring back Kristoff’s memories.

Obtaining Kristoff’s Climbing Gear

In the quest Lost Loves and Missing Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your task is to help Anna in bringing back Kristoff’s memories of her. To do this, your first task is to locate and obtain Kristoff’s Climbing Gear.

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Kristoff’s Climbing Gear can be found in Dazzle Beach. Go to the cave where you first met Ursula; the item is located outside the cave. After obtaining the item, you’ll notice it needs some fixing. You need to procure Hardwood, Fabric, Rope, and Iron Ingot to repair the gear.

Once fixed, give the climbing gear to Anna to restore the lost memories and finish the quest.

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