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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed Foxes Their Favorite Food

Come on, little foxes, come see what delicious food we have for you!




In this whole new adorable game, Disney Dreamlight Valley, many fun activities await you, including missions you have to complete and characters you will meet on your journey through the magical Valley of wonders.

One of the fun activities is feeding the various animals that you can meet on your adventure.

Of course, if you find out which food certain animals like the most, valuable prizes await you.

In this article, we will reveal to you what is the favorite food of foxes and how to feed these cute but cunning animals.

Guide on How to Feed Foxes with Their Favorite Food – Step by Step

The animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley are truly special creatures. Each animal has its favorite food and you have to treat each animal in a different way.

Here you will learn everything about foxes – what their favorite food is and how you can approach them to feed them at all.

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For foxes, feeding is actually very simple. Foxes don’t like tangles, you’ll just have to chase them through Frosted Heights and wait for them to accept what you offer them to eat.

As you can see, the foxes like to eat the White Surgeon the most, which you will have to catch with a fishing rod in the icy river. After you catch the White Surgeon, start catching the fox until it decides it wants you to feed it after all.

When the fox eats its favorite food, trust me it will be happy and you will get a special reward for this.

Besides foxes, you will meet crocodiles, raccoons, rabbits, sea turtles and other animals, but more on that next time.

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