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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Duplicate Chests

Learn hacks on how to properly make use of your chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.




Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game wherein the player will be involved in lots of explorations and discoveries. This includes collecting items, materials, and ingredients. Where you put these is inside the chest that you can find at home that automatically spawns inside once you have already moved in.

This chest in your home has the biggest capacity among all the chests that you can find in-game. But of course, the starting capacity is not as large as you may think. Upgrading your house is the only way to upsize the capacity of your chest inside the house.

However, as you progress in game, you will have to forage, collect, and store items. To make it easier for you to not easily fully load your inventory with you, you have to transfer some of the items into the chest. But sometimes, you travel from far places and realize that you need something that is stored in your chest at home. This is actually a problem especially if you are far from the location of a wishing well to teleport you.

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With that being said, this guide will help you on how you can effectively use your chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Duplicate Chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you think about duplicating chest storage, you might actually think that you will be doubling the storage capacity of your chest. However, it works differently in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Buying another chest from scrooge McDuck actually just gives you an easy access to the items that you have in your chest at home. In simple words, it is just like having a wallet that is directly connected to your bank account.

The first thing you should do to have another chest is go to Scrooge McDuck’s place and interact with him. Select I’d like to order some items. Choose what time of item, and in this case, it is a Furniture. Look for the storage section and you will see at the bottom left part of the pane is a chest that looks exactly the same as the one you have at home. You can buy it for 3,200 gold. You can actually buy chests as much as you want.

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How to Use the Duplicate Chest

Once you purchase another chest, go to any place that you know you often visit. In this part, you have to be strategic in deciding where to place your chest. Aside from the place that you always visit, it should also be somewhere near the foraging or fishing area. In that way, transferring items from storage to storage will be easier for you.

To place it, go to the edit tab and choose the Furniture section. You will see different categories and you should look for the Storage one. Just choose the storage that you wan to use and place it anywhere on the area.

In doing this, you will have an easy access to your items anywhere from where you placed your chest duplicate. This is a good stunt if you are into collecting items from all over the map, but hates going back and forth.

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