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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Approach a Raccoon and What to Feed Them

Raccoons, sure, are cute. But have you tried feeding them?




The newly released sim-type, adventure game of Gameloft has a lot of amazing features inside the game. Different map locations with different biomes, exciting quests, and friendship journeys—name it! Disney Dreamlight Valley has it.

In every sim-type game, interactions with one another are one of the most basic yet important activity. As you progress with the game, different map locations will be unlocked together with new quests and new characters. But did you know that interactions with animals are also possible? You have read it right! Approaching animals and feeding them to establish friendships is one of the extras that the game can offer you.

Different animals can be found throughout the game, and these are called critters. Each type of critter has its own biome that is why they are located in different parts of the map. Raccoons are one of the critters that you can meet and unlock inside the game.

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Through this guide, we will tell you more about dealing with critters especially raccoons.

How to Approach a Raccoon and What to Feed Them in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first thing you must know in feeding a raccoon is to know the place where it lives. Raccoons can be found in the Forest of Valor.

When you try to approach raccoons, the first thing you must have with you is patience. Raccoons tend to run around the area when they see you coming near them. If they keep running away from you, you won’t be able to interact with them. Having said that, we have two ways for you to approach a raccoon. You can use either of these two depending on your mood or preferred playstyle.

The first thing you can do is wait. Keep an eye on them, but don’t let them see you coming their way. Once they see you, they will continue on running away. The perfect chance for you to go next to them is when you notice the raccoon stopped and looked around intensely. Once this happens, slowly walk towards it and immediately stop when they look at you. Continue the process and once you successfully landed beside them, you can finally approach and feed them.

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Aside from patiently waiting for the raccoon to stop, you can actually go with it and run after it. Although it will surely take some time, it will be less boring than just standing there waiting. After a few minutes of chasing the raccoons, you will notice them stopping and glancing around. Since you are already next to it due to running, simply select the Approach button and give its favorite food.

What is Raccoon’s Favorite Food

It is important to know the favorite food of each critter. Because giving them the food they don’t like will not be considered as feed.

To successfully feed raccoons, you must give them blueberries as it is their favorite food.

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