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Diplomacy is Not an Option: Fix Fatal Error, Crashing, Black Screen & Infinite Loading

Imagine being seconds away from dealing the final blow and then, your screen fades to black with a lovely package of crashing the game. Bummer, and absolutely frustrating.

Iris Ruiz



While this is not new to the indie genre, we as gamers still expect these types of issues to be minimal at best if the product is already out for sale. Bugs and glitches often make for funny content but if they actually hinder game progress, that’s when the fun stops. If you have encountered some of the bugs present in this lovely strategy game, look no further; we have some steps that might help for Diplomacy Is Not An Option!

Fix Fatal Error, Crashing, Black Screen & Infinite Loading – Diplomacy Is Not An Option

Bear in mind that most of the game’s crashes from the start of its release have already been fixed by the developers for quite some time now.

While this is good news for the majority of players, there are still some that experience these game-breaking bugs. Here are some fixes that could potentially make your game more enjoyable and crash-free.

Tweak the Video Settings

Without even exiting the game, you can go to the video settings and lower down the graphics or resolution of the game when you encounter a day that gives you the crash.

For that day of the campaign, find the resolution that would allow you to progress and stay there until you finish that day. You can revert back to your desired video settings once the day passes.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

The mother-of-all-fixes if you’re playing on Steam will always be reliable when it comes to fixing corrupted game files. Relaunch the game after following these steps:

  1. Launch Steam > Library > Look for Diplomacy is Not an Option in your game list
  2. Right Click on the game > Select “Properties”
  3. Choose “Local Files” within the options on the left and then click “Verify integrity of game files”

Once you’ve done these steps, sit and wait for Steam to finish then check if you still have crashes when you play the game.

Set as Administrator

One common problem, especially if this was not chosen as default, is some games do not automatically run as administrator. Here are the steps to change this option:

  1. Right Click on Diplomacy is Not an Option
  2. Go to “Properties” then “Compatibility”
  3. Select “Run this program as administrator” Click “Apply” then “OK”.

If this does not work, on to the last resort:

Reinstall the Game

Consider this a final step if all else fails, hopefully you won’t need to be in this step and all the other steps above worked but in the case that it did not, reinstalling the game usually fixes the problems with a bad, first installation.

If this option also fails, head on to Steam’s Support page and file a ticket or jump in the Discussion board for this game as the devs seem to be responsive to player appeals!

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Grounded: How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build

It’s not just insects and bugs that are roaming in the backyard. Wizards too!





The recent update of Grounded has added the concept of magic to the game. Aside from being teeny-tiny as ants, you can also experience being a wizard in Grounded.

If you still haven’t known yet, there are three candy staffs that are added to the game. Having this, you will be able to acquire a unique attack style. For example, the spicy staff shoots a bomb, while the sour staff shoots an electric ball, and so on, and so forth.

However, you can observe that staffs that need to charge up deal more damage if the enemy is alone, compared to when the enemies are in groups.

Having said that, it is recommended to have a strong wizard build to make your magic deal more damage.

In this guide, we will let you know what the perfect build is for the staff that you currently have.

How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build in Grounded

If you want to improve your magic damage with your candy staff, equip the Wizard Hat, Black Ox Harness, and the Black Ox Legwraps to gain a quicker charge time and charge attack weaken passive skills. From seven seconds of base charge attack time, you will now only have 4 seconds of charge attack time. All thanks to your armor.

However, you can still choose to upgrade your staff in order to significantly increase your base attack damage. Plus the fact that you have also equipped the whole Wizard armor set, you will not easily receive damage from enemies from now on.

Having this Wizard build set does not just improve your damage but also makes you a tough character. When combined together, you will be able to have medium armor.

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