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Diablo Immortal: How to Join Shadows / Dark Clan | Shadow Lottery Explained

You need to win the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal to join the Shadows and create a Dark Clan.




Joining a dark clan is an essential component of your war against the armies of hell, but you must first win Diablo Immortal’s Shadow Lottery — which is more complicated than it seems.

The Shadow Lottery is purely random, although you receive three chances per day to attempt. It’s merely the beginning once your lucky number increases. You must still accomplish a series of challenges before being considered worthy of joining a Dark Clan.

How to Join Shadows in Diablo Immortal

At different times throughout the day, the Shadow Lottery runs for one hour from the Wolf City Tavern in Westmarch.

To register for the lottery, speak with the Mysterious Patron and wait until the deadline to see if you have a winning ticket. If you win, you’ll get a message in your in-game mailbox telling you what to do next.

Joining the Shadows

Having your ticket drawn is only the first step to winning. The Shadow Lottery runs for one hour every day at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm, based on your server time.

When your ticket appears, and you interact with the Patron again, select the “Shadow Mettle” dialogue option to unlock a new set of three objectives. To begin the first one, Path of Blood, go to the Court of Whispers and speak with Nuon. This one requires you to beat multiple rounds of enemies on your own.

Once you get to join the Shadows, the next quest, Vault Raider, will become second nature to you. To begin the quest, speak with Fyggus in the Court of Whispers. This time, the goal is to collect at least 25 Essentia, which are rare drops from enemies in the vaults. Avoid the Wardens, who will raise an alarm if they spot you.

Speak with the Mysterious Patron after completing the Vault Raid challenge. Your final mission is to beat three Ancient Champions on your own, and if you succeed, you’ll be invited to join the Shadows.

From there on, you can find and join a Dark Clan or create your own. However, It will take a little more effort and a lot of luck to encourage others to join your Dark Clan.

You need to win the Shadow Lottery again, but instead of a new invitation, you will receive the Akeba’s Signet. You can use this to invite other players to the Shadows without them needing to perform their own Shadow Lottery.

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