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Diablo Immortal: How to Get Set Rings and Amulets Early

Getting Set Rings and Amulets can significantly help you progress and make your gameplay easier in Diablo Immortal.




Diablo Immortal is a mobile action MMORPG by Blizzard Entertainment. Choose one of the six available classes and work together with friends or play solo to defeat enemies waiting for you. To become stronger, Set Rings and Amulets are vital for your progression. How do you access them early on?

How to Get Set Rings and Amulets Early in Diablo Immortal

Set Items are pieces of secondary equipment in Diablo Immortal that belong to the same set aesthetically and functionally, meaning they have similar designs and specific bonuses applied when equipping two, four, or six pieces at the same time.

An amulet, two rings, gloves, a belt, and shoes fill the slots for Set Items. This article will teach you how to get Set Rings and Amulets while still in the early game.

Obtaining Set Rings and Amulets

The only way to get Set Rings and Amulets early on is to borrow them on the Warband Stash. Each Clan in Diablo Immortal can have up to 100 members, and inside each Clan, players can be divided into eight groupings called Warbands.

Like your clan membership, these groups are ongoing: while you are free to leave and join a Warband at any time, it is advised that you stay with your Warband after you’ve found allies with similar goals.

This helps you organize better, compete for rewards against other Warbands, and share goods through the Warband Stash.

Head to the village of Westmarch to gain access to Warbands. An NPC hanging from the Dead Tree will unlock Camp Warband and explain the system if you interact with him.

Raid chests are awarded as your raid completes PvE dungeons. When you open one of these, a random item is added to your Warband Stash, shared by your whole party.

You can reach the Stash from the Camp and take one of these items; if you want to take another, you must return the first. If the player who initially deposited the item leaves your Warband, the item will also be removed from the cache.

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