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Diablo Immortal: How to Get More Crests As a Free-to-Play Player

Crests play a huge role in Diablo Immortal since they can increase your chances of finding Legendary Gems.




Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play action role-playing game. As an ARPG, it has leveling and rarity systems. As a result, the chances of specific loots dropping are low. However, the odds can be changed to drop better rewards. This is where the Crests are needed.

How to Get More Crests As a Free-to-Play Player

Diablo Immortal relies heavily on crests to change the drop chance of legendary gems. They’re a unique currency in Diablo Immortal, and once you’ve spent the one the game gave you for free during the main task, you’ll be wondering how to get more.

Crests can be used in the Elder Rift in Westmarch. You can purchase Crests using real money, but there is a way to obtain them as an F2P player.

Obtaining Crests

There are a few different ways to obtain Rare and Legendary Crests. Rare crests can be found relatively easily.

On the other hand, Legendary crests are more challenging to get, which is why some players resort to buying them with real cash. However, you can still receive a couple for free by the following methods:

General Hilts Trader

This functions as a regular shop in Diablo Immortal. After a set amount of time, the items will refresh. This shop allows you to purchase one Legendary Crest per month. Additionally, you can earn 2 Regular Crest per day if you have the hilts to buy them.

Immortals Shop

The Immortals Shop is only available after completing the game’s Immortals. In Diablo Immortal, this is another place to get Crests and Legendary Crests. Once you unlock the Immortals, you can purchase a Crest here.

Limited Time Shop

Every day, the Limited-Time Shop in Diablo Immortal refreshes after a particular time. Crest may also be available in this store. So keep an eye on the limited-time shop and purchase any Crests that appear there.

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