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World of Warcraft: Possessive Hornswog Treasure Riddle

The Possessive Hornswog is a huge toad-like creature that’s guarding a treasure chest at its back.




There are various treasure chests and riddles that await you in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. One of them is the treasure riddle in the cave where the Possessive Hornswog lives. Just behind the creature is a treasure chest, but you first have to solve the riddle to get past it.

This guide will show you what you need to do.

Possessive Hornswog Treasure Riddle in World of Warcraft

There are 3 different items that you need to gather for this riddle. First is the Well-Preserved Bone which you can get on top of a ruined tower in Life Vault Ruins. You can take a look at this map for the exact location:

This will be a massive bone that’s sticking to the floor.

The next item you need to collect is the Adventurer’s Lost Soap Bar. You can obtain this item on a wooden basin right next to a huge barrel at the Dragonscale Basecamp.

Lastly, you will need the Marmoni’s Prize item which is basically a banana. To get this, simply head east of where you get the soap until you come across Doc Nanners. This marmoni will start throwing bananas at you. You will then notice several crates behind him, and in one of those boxes is the item.

After gathering all 3 items, head over to where the Possessive Hornswog is at The Waking Shores. Interact with the Observant Riddles: A Field Guide book right near the rock.

Then, simply combine all 3 items and throw the treat at the creature. Once you’re done, simply head inside the cave to open the

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