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World of Warcraft: How to Get to Dragon Isles From Stormwind

The Dragon Isles is the newest map that’s added to the upcoming Dragonflight expansion on World of Warcraft come December this year.




The Dragon Isles is a brand new map that is home to dragonflights which will be the focus of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. According to the game’s lore, recent events that happened in Azeroth now allowed the dragons to go back to their home.

At the same time, this area is where most of the events for the upcoming expansion will take place. But how exactly can you get to Dragon Isles from Stormwind if you’re from the Alliance?

Let’s find out.

How to Get to Dragon Isles From Stormwind in World of Warcraft

In order to get to Dragon Isles from Stormwind, you will need to board a boat from the city. For this, you want to head over to the Stormwind Harbor which you can find on the left side of Stormwind.

Once you get there, simply wait for the Rugged Dragonscale boat to arrive. This is the boat that you need to board in order to get to Dragon Isles. It’s also part of the To the Dragon Isles quest, so you wouldn’t be able to miss it.

As soon as the boat arrives, simply board it and then wait for it to depart. Travel is manual, so you’ll have to wait for a few minutes for the boat to reach the destination. You will then arrive at The Waking Shores which is on Dragon Isles.

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