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World of Warcraft: How to Get Skytop Observatory Dragon Glyph

The Dragon Glyphs: Skytop Observatory is one of the several glyph-related achievements that you can unlock in the Dragonflight expansion.




The latest Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft isn’t out yet. However, we’re already seeing a bunch of glimpses that we can look forward to. For example, achievements that involve collecting dragon glyphs from specific locations.

One such achievement is Dragon Glyphs: Skytop Observatory. Let’s find out how you can get this one.

How to Get Skytop Observatory Dragon Glyph in World of Warcraft

To unlock the achievement, all you need to do is collect the glyph that’s located at Skytop Observatory. By collecting, it means you have to go through the glyph while riding your dragon mount.

First off, you want to head over to Skytop Observatory which is just a bit northeast of Ruby Life Pools. As soon as you get there, you want to look for the highest point in the area. In this case, that would be one of the towers of the observatory itself.

Then, using your mount, simply fly all the way up until you find the glyph. All you need to do is fly through the glyph with your mount. After flying through the glyph, you’ll then unlock the Dragon Glyphs: Skytop Observatory achievement.

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