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World of Warcraft: How to Get Dragonheart Outpost Dragon Glyph

The Dragon Glyphs: Dragonheart Outpost is yet another glyph-related achievement that you can obtain in the Dragonheart Outpost area.




The Dragonflight expansion has introduced a handful of new achievements that players can aim for. One of them is Dragon Glyphs: Dragonheart Outpost. Similar to other achievements that involve dragon glyphs, this one also includes collecting a glyph in a certain location.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at how you can unlock this achievement.

How to Get Dragonheart Outpost Dragon Glyph in World of Warcraft

As the name implies, the location that you want to go to for the glyph is the Dragonheart Outpost. You can find it just a birth northwest of Skytop Observatory as you can see in this image:

As soon as you get to the area, you’ll find a tall tower-like structure which is essentially the Dragonheart Outpost. However, it’s already in ruins, and to collect the glyph, you need to fly to the top using your dragon mount.

You can choose to fly inside and go through the cracks on the floor. On the top floor is where you can collect the glyph. After collecting the glyph, you should then unlock the Dragon Glyphs: Dragonheart Outpost achievement.

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