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Wedding Witch: What Does the Phantasm Mirror Do?

Gotten the Phantasm Mirror update? Here’s what it does!




The Phantasm Mirror is a fascinating upgrade in Wedding Witch. It’s an upgrade that players can get, but its function isn’t immediately clear, leading to some confusion among the gaming community.

What Does The Phantasm Mirror Do?

The Phantasm Mirror is an intriguing addition to the game. Some players, have gotten the upgrade but found themselves puzzled about what it does. There’s no explicit instruction or hint within the game about what effects you get, which adds to the enigma of the Phantasm Mirror.

The answer to the mystery of the Phantasm Mirror lies in its magical properties. According to many, the Phantasm Mirro will +1 every magic projectile. This means that when a player uses magic, the Phantasm Mirror creates an additional projectile for each magic shot.

To provide further clarification, the “+1 amount” given by the Phantasm Mirror should be interpreted as ‘+1 projectile’.


In conclusion, the Phantasm Mirror is a powerful upgrade in Wedding Witch that enhances a player’s magic abilities by adding an extra projectile to each magic shot. While its function may not be immediately apparent, its effects can significantly impact gameplay, making it a valuable asset for any player.

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