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Wedding Witch: All Achievements Guide & Tips & Tricks

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Wedding Witch, a popular game on Steam, offers a variety of achievements for players to unlock. This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough of all 38 achievements in the game, helping you to maximize your gameplay experience.

All Achievements Guide

Gameplay Achievements

  1. Florist: Collect 100 flowers.
  2. Look at Me: Get attacked by the Guardian of the seal 10 times.
  3. Normal Wedding Clear: Clear Normal Wedding difficulty.
  4. Hard Wedding Clear: Clear Hard Wedding difficulty.
  5. Nightmare Wedding Clear: Clear Nightmare Wedding difficulty.
  6. Nice Try: Lose for the first time.
  7. Try Another Way?: Lose 10 or more times in any difficulty.
  8. Explorer: Move 1,000 meters in the game.
  9. Treasure Hunter: Open 100 pumpkin boxes.
  10. Skill Master: Use 100 skills.
  11. Critical Attack: Critical attack occurs 1,000 times.
  12. That was my afterimage: Dodge 100 times.
  13. Natural Recovery: Recover health 100 times.
  14. Ouch: Get damaged 100 times.
  15. You’re too slow: Achieve a victory with less than 10 damages dealt to the witch.

Devil Hunting Achievements

  1. Devil Hunter: Kill 1,000 devils.
  2. Devil Butcher: Kill 10,000 devils.
  3. Great Devil: Kill 20,000 devils.

Magic Mastery Achievements

  1. Blast Master: Master the explosion magic 10 times.
  2. Projectile Master: Master the projectile magic 10 times.
  3. Melee Master: Master the melee magic 10 times.
  4. Areal Magic Master: Master the areal magic 10 times.
  5. Familiar Master: Master the familiar magic 10 times.
  6. Curse Master: Master the curse magic 10 times.

Potion Drinking Achievements

  1. The Taste of Corruption: Drink 10 corruption potions.
  2. The Taste of the Beast: Drink 10 beast potions.
  3. The Taste of the Blast: Drink 10 big breasts potions.
  4. The Taste of the Muscles: Drink 10 muscle potions.
  5. The Taste of the Peach: Drink 10 hips potions.
  6. The Taste of the Slender: Drink 10 small breasts potions.
  7. Witch of Corruption: Drink maximum amount of the Corruption Potions.
  8. Witch of Beast: Drink maximum amount of the Beast Potions.
  9. Witch of Blast: Drink maximum amount of the Big Breasts Potions.
  10. Witch of Muscle: Drink maximum amount of the Muscle Potions.
  11. Witch of Peach: Drink maximum amount of the Hips Potions.
  12. Witch of Slender: Drink maximum amount of the Small Breasts Potion.

Victory Achievements

  1. First Victory: Achieve one victory in any difficulty.
  2. 10 Victories: Achieve 10 or more victories in any difficulty.

Tips & Tricks

  • Healing: There are two ways to heal yourself in the game – from upgrades or from bouquet upgrades. It’s recommended to get at least one point of healing from the upgrades.
  • Focus on Damage and Attack Speed: On the hardest difficulty, it’s easiest to unlock all the modifications. You don’t really need much healing in this case, just focus on damage and attack speed.
  • Choosing Modifications: If you don’t get a choice for a type of modification, take something you haven’t already gotten. This will give you a passive skill that you can start leveling up at some point.
  • Upgrades: After healing, consider getting the mirror upgrade, whatever that does, then gold and experience, and more hits.
  • Movement Speed: If you feel you can’t outrun your enemies, consider taking movement speed early on.
  • Potion of Succubus: The potion of Succubus is hidden somewhere in the forest of the labyrinth filled with devils. Drinking the potion of the Succubus can transform the witch’s body and may allow her to learn a new spell.
  • Magic Flower: The magic flower, containing mysterious power, is in the forest of the labyrinth. Put it in the witch’s bouquet to get a new power.

Remember, mastering Wedding Witch takes time and practice. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed at first. Keep trying different strategies until you find what works best for you.

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