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Wanderer: How to Solve 1906 Fuse Puzzle?

The 1906 Fuse puzzle is, in itself, a portion of an extremely complex sequence. On top of that, it’s incredibly complicated and requires an item from a different time period.




The infamous 1906 fuse puzzle is one of those video game moments that might cause nightmares. With thirteen different fuses that need to be placed in just the right way, it’s easy to get confused. But there’s no need to give up.

Once you’ll understand what exactly the game expects you to do, you should be able to find the solution.

Solving the 1906 Puzzle in Wanderer

Wanderer: How to Solve 1906 Fuse Puzzle?

First of all, make sure you have found the additional fuse in the Nicola Tesla period. You will need all thirteen fuses. Your goal in this puzzle is to transport the electricity from the bottom of the three fuse boxes to the very top.

Once the electricity will reach the desired goal, the red lamp at the top of the box will turn from red to green. But, in order to do that you’ll need to use fuses that match the color of the small boxes on top of the tubes connecting the fuses together.

Each fuse has a distinct color on its top, bottom, left, and right side. Only if the colors match will the electricity flow.

The Correct Combination

Wanderer: How to Solve 1906 Fuse Puzzle?

The first fuse box should only use three fuses – the electricity should flow straight up, then left and up again.

The second box can have four or five fuses, going right, up, left, and up again.

The last one can use five or six. Her, electricity should flow left, up, right, and up.

Though it might seem complicated when you first, all you need to do is match the colors, knowing which route will use the least amount of fuses.

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Terraria: How to Get Lava Charm 1.4.4 Update

The Lava Charm allows you to safely walk on lava without taking any damage for a few seconds, but it’s a rare item that only has a 5% chance of spawning.





Lava is one of the many terrains that you can encounter in Terraria. This one, however, is found deep underground right in the Cavern layer. That said, walking on lava will cause you to take damage per hit, making it quite dangerous if you happen to fall on one.

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How to Get Lava Charm 1.4.4 Update in Terraria

The only way to obtain the Lava Charm in the game is by looking for it in Hellstone and Obsidian Crates. However, it only has a 5% chance of spawning, which means you’ll have to look into various chests to find one.

You can make the process a lot easier by using seed

Credits: Udisen Games

As soon as you get there, you’ll want to open your inventory and use the Magic Conch. Then, make sure that you teleport to the ocean on the farthest left. Then, use your drill and dig deep straight into the ground until you reach the Caverns

Once you do, head to the right and go through the small tunnel on a diagonal pattern until you stumble upon some lava pools. Here, simply look for chests on the ground and hope that they contain a Lava Charm.

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