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Wanderer: Ancient Tikal Puzzle Guide

Deep in the Mayan ruins, you’ll encounter one of the most devious puzzles in the game. Fortunately, you might be able to solve it easily, if you’ll use a correct method




Wanderer features a lot of innovative puzzles, but it also makes use of some classic ones as well. And it just so happens that the old good rotating wheel puzzle found in the Mayan ruins is considered by many to be one of the hardest challenges in the game.

But, once you’ll understand exactly how it works, you might notice it’s not as complicated as it seems.

How to Solve The Ancient Tikal Puzzle in Wanderer?

Wanderer: Ancient Tikal Puzzle Guide

In order to solve the puzzle, you should first understand how the rotating disc works. The disc shows a scrambled image that you will need to turn upright.

It’s divided into five dials that you can move using the four panels standing in front of it. But, each panel controls two dials. The trick is to know which panel controls the dials you want to move.

Moving the Dials

This puzzle is randomized slightly during each playthrough, but the solution stays mostly the same.

First, try out each control panel by moving the dials it corresponds with once and then immediately returning them to the starting position. You do this to find the two dials that are always moved by only one control panel.

Then, move those two into the upright position. Now, since every control panel moves two dials, the puzzle is designed so that there is only one “right” position for the two panels you’ve just moved.

So, now, once you’ll try to move any of the other dials into the upright position, the other dial controlled by the same panel should automatically “pop” into place. And with that, you’ve officially solved one of the toughest puzzles in Wanderer!

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