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Valkyrie Elysium: O’Mine Beloved Land | Lead the Noble’s Spirit Quest Guide

Take on the tour in the Galdban Territory in this quest walkthrough.




Valkyrie Elysium is an action role-playing and adventure game with tons of quests and missions to complete. The game has a total of nine chapters needed to complete in order to reach the end. Each chapter unlocks new quests and subquests for you to finish.

During Chapter 3, you will be tasked with going to the Galdban Territory and leading the Noble’s Spirit to its location.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about unlocking and completing the O’Mine Beloved Land in Valkyrie Elysium. Keep reading until the end to learn what possible rewards you can obtain upon accomplishing the task.

O’Mine Beloved Land | Lead the Noble’s Spirit Quest Guide in Valkyrie Elysium

The O’Mine Beloved Land is a subquest available once you reach the Valkyrie Elysium Chapter 3. It is a low difficulty low-difficulty type of quest that you can unlock by talking to the Noble Spirit.

You can find the location of the Noble Ghost by going to the center area of the Galdban Territory. After that, go and talk to Eygon. He will ask you to help the Noble Spirit with its struggle.

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After the conversation with Eygon, head to the marked location by traversing through the large staircase. Upon arriving, you will encounter several enemies guarding the area. After clearing the area, head down to the next staircase and defeat the next wave of enemies. Follow the next marked locations until all enemies are cleared.

After all the enemy locations are cleared, a cutscene will be triggered. This will show the Noble’s Spirit enraging and turning into a monster. Two monsters that look like your previous enemy will appear. Do your best to take down both of them and you will clear the subquest.

Rewards for Completing the Subquest

Aside from all the gems that you collected from the previous enemies, you will gain two quest rewards after completing O’Mine Beloved Land. A Magic Attack Boost II to increase your magic attack, and a Soul Ambrosia to increase the maximum size of the soul gauge.

After that, a portal will appear. Go straight into it to return to Valhalla.

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