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Valkyrie Elysium: Guard Cancel Tech Guide

Use this technique to swiftly recuperate so you may resume your attack.




Action-RPG game Valkyrie Elysium is available. It is comparable to Devil May Cry in that you will hack and slash adversaries in order to earn combos every time you successfully hit an opponent. There is a Guard Cancel Tech, which is present in all action games, and we will demonstrate how to use it in this one.

Guard Cancel Tech Guide in Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium is about the task that the All-Father, Odin gave you which is to prevent Ragnarok. You are going to fight against a mysterious Valkyrie that follows Fenrir as they try to make sure that Ragnarok will happen.

Hacking, slashing, and combination attacks are used in the game’s combat. You can do it using only your sword, by calling Einherjar, or by using a Divine Art to end it. Guard Cancel can also be used to keep hitting an enemy.

How to Guard Cancel

When you are blocking, you can use the technique known as Guard Cancel. Whenever you make an attack in the game, there is a little delay or recovery animation before you can perform another attack. By forcing you to attack before you have recovered, a Guard Cancel will negate this delay.

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For instance, Maria will initiate a slash and a kick animation upon performing a Square Triangle attack in the game. However, if you wait for Maria to complete her recovery animation, she will rotate before you can attack again.

So, holding your ground and striking will stop the recovery animation. This will make it appear that the recovery animation is omitted. Additionally, you can combine it with other attacks, such as an aerial strike. 

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