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Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts: Beginner’s Guide

Design your base and command warships; plan your victory.




Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts Beginners Guide

The Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is a game to showcase your creativity and strategy in planning your attack on your enemies.

This is a game that needs a lot of thinking and consideration to be able to win against your opponents.

There are different modes of how you want to play the game. You can choose if you want to play the campaign or even have a custom battle with your friends.

However, there are still a lot of things that you have to learn in playing Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Having said that, we made this guide to give you the gist of how your game will be.

Beginner’s Guide for Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

Beginners Guide for Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts
Source: BrotherMunro

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about playing Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

As a new newbie player, this might seem too overwhelming for you but take your time in learning to play and you will be a naval champion.

Ship Designing

Ship Designing
Source: BrotherMunro

To start off, you will have to decide first how your ship would look. After you pick which flag you would want to be under, click Design Ship at the bottom part of the screen.

Once you are here, you will notice that there are lots of things that you can do with your ship. Different categories from the panels are shown. But since we are assuming that we are just about the start the game, let us just focus on the basics of how to form a ship.

Looking at the bottom part of the ship, you can pick the choices of the hull that you would like for your ship as well as the details that you would like to add.

Tower tab beside the hull
Source: BrotherMunro

Next, you can see the Tower tab beside the hull. It is important to put at least one primary and one secondary tower on your ship. After you pick, adjust the position on where you want to place it. Don’t forget to place the funnel in your tower.

Basically, these are the most important parts of how you can form a ship.

The next categories are barbettes, main and secondary guns, casemate guns, and torpedo launchers. Just pick whatever you want under these categories and then place them anywhere on your ship.



The next thing you have to focus on is the efficiency of your engines.

On the left side of the screen, you can see there the speed of your ship. You can freely adjust it according to how you want your ship to be. However, you still have some things to consider in adjusting the speed of your ship.

speed of your ship
Source: BrotherMunro

On the right panel of the screen, you will see the statistics of your ship. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the Engine Efficiency. As shown, it is reflected in percentage and what you would like to do is to make it as closer to a hundred percent.

To adjust this, you can add some ship technology and various components that you may include.

Try experimenting until you are satisfied with the condition of your ship, as long as the engine efficiency is good enough.



Another thing you can modify is your armament section.

On the left side, under the Protection category, you can pick what kind of shells you would want to have. Like in the picture, you can hover over each to see its attributes.

Other than that, you can also choose what can kind of TNT charge you want. You can choose if you want to use black powder, guncotton, picric acid, TNT, or dunnite.



With all those equipment, armory, and components, you should still consider if your ship is safe to sail. You cannot put as much as you want because as you can see, your ship can get overweight. You have to be careful about this.

What you can do to prevent this is to reduce the size of your guns. You do this not only to get rid of that extra weight but also to make room for extra armor.

Weight Offset and Tower Placement

Weight Offset and Tower Placement

Another important thing to consider next to your ship’s weight is the weight offset. You can say that you have a good weight offset if it becomes closer to zero.

What you can do to reduce this is to fiddle with your towers. Just adjust and keep it moving around until you reach a good number.



When you think that your ship is already good to go, click Launch and you will be deployed in the vast ocean to face your opponent.


Once you are already outside, you can maneuver your ship by left-clicking it and then right-clicking to the direction you want it to reposition.

When you click the ship, you will see a green arrow next to it. It points in the direction of where it will go. There is also a green trail in front of it, this shows where your ship will pass through.

green trail in front

To fire, you have to make sure that the enemy ship is already inside your range. You can see this by scrolling up and down to adjust your perspective.

From a high perspective, there will be a green circle around you indicating your range. When the enemy comes in the range, your guns will fire at it.

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Mindustry – Resource Flowchart

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Alexis Ongsansoy



mindustry resource flowchart

The one thing that you should always be doing in Mindustry is to make sure that the factory expands along with your defenses, and to manage your defenses you’re going to need resources, and to get resources you need sophisticated machinery, and to make machines, well. You get the point. The problem is, how do you do all this in an efficient manner? That’s where a flowchart comes in! Do not be afraid as we will explain how everything works from the most basic material to the most elaborate builds so you no longer have to worry which socket connects to where!

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