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Turakawak Shrine All Puzzle Solution Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Navigate your way through this difficult puzzle with our guide through.




As legends of Zelda TOTK players embark on epic puzzles with courageous heroes. They reveal captivating stories and explore through deadly dungeons.

The hero shines for his little swordsmanship. In this guide, we’ll advise you to choose a proper route to solve this puzzle and thrive in the game. 

Let these coordinates be your navigation (-3481, -0197, 0066) to lead you directly to the shrine’s entrance.

Turakawak Shrine Walkthrough – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Game Guides Channel

This area includes environmental elements that will help you solve the puzzle.

As you land in the forest of Turakawak Shrine, Get Link to use his axe and cut down a few trees to create a route.

Link possesses many powers but is mainly equipped with a sword, allowing him to engage in close combat with enemies.

Source: Game Guides Channel

To get to the Shrine, you will first have to use the ultra-hand ability to stick the tree logs together.

Remember that you cannot cross the path by walking over unless you arrange the logs before crossing or it will result in damaging the health.

Once you have made it past the door, you will be taken inside the Shrine.

Stacking a Path

Source: Game Guides Channel

Once you make your way through the entrance, climb the stairs, and move one of the metal boxes using ultra-hand to climb further.

Put the metal box on top of one another and move them backward near the ladder.

Moving backward again, you will see a metal passage up in the ceiling.

Use “Ascend” ability to make your way through the passage and you will be transferred into a room with a chest.

Magic Rod The Legend of Zelda

Upon opening the chest, you will receive a “Magic Rod” which has a latent power to it.

However, if your inventory is full, you are going to have to discard at least one item to claim it.

Once you get the rod, ascend through the air back to the main area.

Up ahead, you will find the same metal boxes which you aligned earlier.

Use the ultra-hand ability to pull them all up and stick them over the single metal box on the other side.

By following this path, you’ll effortlessly ascend through the platforms, steadily making your way toward the top.

Continue moving towards the end, once you are there close to a shrine stone, touch it to obtain the Light of blessing.

After completing the puzzle, the story will then automatically take you back to the forest.

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