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Tsutsu-Um Shrine All Puzzle Solutions – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

A simple guide to completing The Stakes Guide You Puzzle




If you’re looking for help in solving the Tsutsu-um Shrine in The Legend of Zelda, you’ve come to the right place.

Our guide is here to assist you with all the challenges and solving puzzles to obtain the Light of Blessing.

You’ll find the Tsutsu-um Shrine situated within the Hyrule Field region, specifically to the west-southwest.

How to Solve Tsutsu-Um Shrine All Puzzles

Source: FP Good Game

As you walk down the stairs, you’ll notice a panel on the floor. Additionally, there is a piston on the ceiling which moves up and down. Use your Ultra-hand to grip the panel and relocate it onto the piston.

If you place it on the wrong side, you may not be able to progress.

Source: FP Good Game

Here you will ride through the updraft vent all the way back to the pillar with the chest situated behind the moving ceiling’s piston.

Remember it’s a big area to glide through so be accurate.

Claim the chest with bundles of arrows inside and move forward.

Source: FP Good Game

You are going to ride the updraft vent again from the highest pillar towards the small metal platform marked in the picture which is right above the bigger platform.

Your aim here is to strategically redirect the panel so that the ball can go onto the ramp.

Remember that you can use ultra-hand and put ball in the tray if it automatically fails to go down on its own.

Grab the skate panel and position it horizontally to insert it into the wheel. The aim is to create a sweeping motion, allowing the ball to push forward.

Once the ball is successfully pushed into the bowl located on the far right, it will smoothly roll into the hole and opens the gate to the right center.

Glide through the area to reach the gate and get your Light of Blessing.

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